Monday, October 29, 2012

Lifebanc's 2012 Gift of Life Walk & Run

This year's Lifebanc Gift of Life Walk & Run took place on August 11, 2012 at Blossom Music Center.  Akron Canton TRIO had two teams sponsored by TRIO members in this year's Walk & Run.

Team Race for Amanda

This year was extra special for our team because not only is my family a recipient family because of my 8/31/10 liver transplant, but with my uncle's tragic death less than a week prior to this year's event, we became a donor family as well. We were able to walk in honor of my donor and in honor of my uncle and all the lives he saved and healed by being an organ and tissue donor.   We had a large team and many people who could not attend mailed in generous checks - we were so grateful.  Thank you to my teammates and sponsors for their participation and support.  - Amanda Goodwin  

Team Kidney Kats

We’re glad to report that team "Kidney Kats" had a phenomenal inaugural year!  We set a rather lofty goal of $1,000.00.  Thanks to the generosity of some very wonderful donors, we were able to double it!  Wow!!!!  The day of the walk dawned cool and rainy, quite unexpected since our summer has been unusually hot and dry, but that didn't dampen the spirits of this team!  Our fourteen member team consisted of Jacqui Scolaro and her two granddaughters, Morgan & Victoria, Jacqui's mom, Hailey Golden, Mary Fread, Holley Karamas, Sandra and Dave Tipton, Jo Price, Toni Price, Melva Strong, and Pat Summers and Rosie Price - team captains.  We made a strong debut in this event, but wait till next year!  We have bigger and better things planned!  This event is always a very positive and moving event for all those who participate.  We’re glad that we were able to get some new people to become a part of this experience.  - Rosie Price and Pat Summers


  1. I really like participating in these events. It is for a good cause, and running always gives me a sense of achievement. I feel like everyone there is so supportive. We are all coming together to work toward the same goal. We have a similar walk and run in my town, and I participate every year.

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